Remove warts shows: Results possible, but avoid these mistakes

The warts on the hands, face, feet, buttocks, legs, breasts and vulva can be treated by the same products, and you can find them in any store.

The products on this page can help you treat warts on the body. These products are all used by professionals who have worked with them for years. What is warts and how do they come about? Warts are benign (no signs or symptoms) white bumps found at the base of the skin of the genitals. Warts can be present for years or even decades, and there are no signs or symptoms at first. The skin that is exposed to the warts has an inflammatory (red) reaction and is covered with sores. Infectious warts can spread to the lymph nodes, the heart, lungs and other areas where the body is vulnerable to infection. Warts can be cured, but usually they come back after a few months. Warts can also be treated with a wart cream. They are usually red and often look like a warty ring. They don't require any special treatment. You can find information on warts in different parts of the world from the Internet or from your doctor. The best source of information about warts is from the International Organization of Health (I.O.H.), the World Health Organization.

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